I don’t watch as much Fox as I should. Seeing these two Jon Stewart class warfare clips from last night – the first on Warren Buffett’s plan to tax the rich, the second on the right’s plan to tax the poor – was really a little depressing, even for a guy with the happy gene. These Fox guys really are bullies.

Screw the meek! If they can’t raise a family of four on $20,000 a year and pay more tax, they should just get rich and pay 15% on their dividends and capital gains.

Yes, that 15% is down from the 28% they paid under Ronald Reagan – second greatest man ever to walk the earth – but still too high. They’re job creators! Exhibit A: all the jobs created since the tax rates were cut.

I know I sure wouldn’t try to get rich if I knew I’d have to fork over a Reagan-era or a Clinton-era share of my riches to this thing we should all want to diminish (the United States government). At those rates, what would be my motivation?

Watch the clips.



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