This strikes me as a really big deal: CHRIS CHRISTIE KNEW ABOUT BRIDGE LANE CLOSINGS AS THEY HAPPENED, according to prosecutors in the US Attorney’s office, based on statements from two of Christie’s top people.

So, first off, yes, they purposely caused the citizens of New Jersey tremendous inconvenience — that could even have been life threatening (if you were in an ambulance, say) — which gives an extraordinary meaning to the term “public service.”  Amazing.

And then Christie lied and lied and lied and lied and adamantly lied and dismissively lied and arrogantly lied — and was on the short list to be Donald Trump’s running mate and is to this day adamantly, dismissively, and arrogantly lying on Trump’s behalf.  (Trump, meanwhile, lies at a rate of more than 71 lies per hour.  More than one a minute.  And has become party to a new lawsuit over the last 30 years at a rate on average of one every three days.)

Yes, we know Trump could go into the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot people (and blame it on Hillary, like the “birther” movement) and he would still win, because — as with Trump University and the bankrupt Trump casinos and the bestselling book he didn’t write (the author of which calls him a “sociopath”) — Trump is all about winning! He’s gonna build a wall and Mexico will pay for it.

But it is appalling. Christie should be in jail. Like Trump, he is a liar and a bully and a sociopath.  (Though if Trump wins, he’s a pretty sure bet for a Cabinet post, no?)

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