Dennis Hoffman: ‘Great tip on I came across it a few weeks ago and ordered one entree just to check it out – it was fantastic. I’ve ordered quite a bit from them since. Their prices are as reasonable as the grocery store and the quality is much better. I haven’t bought TIVO yet (my business partner promised one to me for my birthday) but I expect that is just as much a life changer. I know it gets me to eat better.’

Brooks Hilliard: ‘Three Jewish sons left home, went out on their own and prospered. Getting back together, they discussed the gifts they were able to give their elderly mother.

‘The first said, ‘I built a big house for our mother.’

‘The second said, ‘I sent her a Mercedes with a driver.’

‘The third smiled and said, “I’ve got you both beat. You remember how Mama enjoyed reading from the Torah? And you know she can’t see very well. So I sent her a remarkable parrot that recites the entire Torah. It took elders in the congregation 12 years to teach him. He’s one of a kind. Mama just has to name the chapter and verse, and the parrot recites it.’

‘Soon thereafter, Mom sent out her letters of thanks:

“‘David,’ she wrote one son, ‘the house you built is huge. I live in only one room, but I have to clean the whole house.”

“‘Saul,’ she wrote to another, ‘I am too old to travel. I stay most of the time at home, so I rarely use the Mercedes. And the driver is so rude!”

“‘Dearest Irwin,’ she wrote to her third son, ‘you have the good sense to know what your mother likes. The chicken was delicious.'”

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