Timothy Byers:  “The World Clock was a great link. I have posted it to my Environmental Studies online course.  I do have one sort of nerdy observation though: the world is rotating in the wrong direction. It should be going West to East.”


Samuel Caldwell:  “Thanks for the reference to that swearing in. What a great country we have when a thing like that can happen. It makes me proud to be an American and proud of Obama.”


Stay on the cheap in more than 1900 cities in 101 countries.  Betsy Massar:  “I LOVE this concept – wish I were traveling more to take advantage.”  As explained in this New York Times review, “, a Web site started in 2007, connects budget travelers with locals who are offering anything from an air mattress in their living room to a private bedroom in a luxury loft — for a fee. It’s a cross between [where your stay is completely free] and the vacation rentals section of Craigslist.”

One good feature:  Whether you pay by credit card or PayPal, the host doesn’t actually get the money until after you’ve checked in – so the place is likely actually to be there and available when you arrive.

Another:  You can stay with fellow alumni, fellow yoga enthusiasts, fellow architects – their list of “groups” is growing.

Some of the AirBbB listings seem to be a bit more commercial – but can you beat $21 a night on South Beach?  Free mojito on check in, free wireless?  Definitely a cut above a homeless shelter.


Tom Anthony:  “Visit Pompeii for free with no travel, crowds or airline hassles and guaranteed perfect weather.  Click on white arrows that appear when you move your mouse to navigate around Pompeii.  I saw more using this than when I was actually there.”


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