John M.: “I wasn’t sure if your request for reviews of Caste was specifically for readers of your blog, but Amazon has plenty of one-star reviews.  The one by M. Steckbeck looks fairly intelligent and researched.  I was thinking of buying Caste until reading those reviews.  But if you are interested in the compromises that got us to this point, I did read and recommend These Truths.

→ Thanks, John.  Caste sports 273 one-star reviews from “verified purchasers” but 19,198 five-star reviews — 70 times as many.

The very first of the one-stars – which 79 people found helpful – reads, in its entirety: Very disappointed. Put it down after the first chapter. Still trying to figure out why everyone is recommending reading this.

He (or she) read the first of 31 chapters and on that basis knows all he needs to.

The second one-star – that 98 people found helpful — says there can’t be any logic here if a black guy can be elected president and Oprah can be a billionaire, case closed.  Nothing interesting to see here.

(I did think the M. Steckbeck one-star review you reference was interesting — perhaps that’s why only 36 people found it helpful! — thanks for highlighting it.)

If YOU read the book, I will welcome your further thoughts, for sure.

I try never to miss Fareed Zakaria Sunday mornings on CNN.  His latest take (6 minutes) discusses why Germany went fascist in the 1930s when England didn’t — and the lessons for us here, now.



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