I signed off Wednesday:

I can’t begin to list all the things I give thanks for, beginning with my amazing parents — and their ancestors for emigrating to this wonderful country — going all the way to the present day and your readership.  And a thousand things in between.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Carl’s response:

Don’t forget to give thanks that this wonderful country is surviving despite your support for the corrupt Marxist/Democrat anti American party.  I am giving thanks for your silent support for the despicable anti-Semitic, anti-American Squad and their peers is being despised as it should be by educated Americans, not elitist Harvard grad bloggers.  I am giving thanks that revolting arrogant people like you will thankfully lose to the fed up masses in 2022 elections.

It is of a piece, broadly speaking, with Tucker Carlson’s view of January 6th.  Which you must read to see — as if you didn’t already know — how dangerous this all is.

And how it’s possible that smart, well-intentioned people like Carl — who surely think they’re on the right side of things — have been so misled.  And become so strident.

Have a great long weekend.



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