My audio player just came and I will be giving you a review shortly. But in the meantime, I have been speedwalking the neighborhood – chicks and ducks and geese better scurry – reading Hamilton Jordan’s No Such Thing as a Bad Day on cassette. If you know anyone with cancer, you should get them this book. (It also comes unabridged on CD, or even, for the hearing impaired, on paper and in a large-print edition.)And if you don’t know anyone with cancer, buy it for yourself, or get it at the library, because having Hamilton Jordan read it to you is just a wonderful experience.

Some of it is indeed about how he beat cancer – and how others may, also. But much of it is an inside look at Viet Nam, at the Carter years (he was chief of staff), at Roy Cohn (he was a colossal sleaze ball), and at the civil rights struggle in his home town of Albany, Georgia, among other things.

Sorry to gush, but as you can tell, I loved it.

Joel Williams: Waterhouse waives the $25,000 minimum for Rydex funds. I cannot remember the actual minimum, but it is low. I have been told that other fund supermarkets do the same.’


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