According to Parade last week, Americans use 151 gallons of water a day compared with 31 gallons for the average Brit. Much of that water use is indirect – the water that goes to irrigate the corn that goes to feed the pig that goes into the blanket that pops out of the oven along with the cheese puffs just as guests arrive. (As a water-saving measure, I avoid pigs in a blanket.) But a good chunk comes from flushing (pee more judiciously or buy one of these?) and from showering (see Seinfeld episode 126 and buy one of these?) . . . from pool evaporation (turn the pool into a planter or buy one of these?) and, certainly, from lawn care. If God had wanted your grass to be green, it would have rained. (The grass is always green on Wisteria Lane – but are they happy?)

Leaving the water running while you brush your teeth wastes 4-6 gallons of water (so get one of these).

Here are some tips (bricks in toilets may not be the best idea).


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