Our petulant, vulgar, narcissistic president lies uncontrollably* and has dramatically diminished our standing in the world . . . but that’s okay, because we’re about to get “great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost.”

He and his team are deeply in bed with our principle adversary of the past 70 years . . . but that’s okay because Russia’s no longer communist. (Now it’s a journalist-murdering oligarchy run by a kleptocrat who hopes to — and is impressively succeeding at — destabilizing our democracy.) 

And because everybody’s getting the aforementioned health care. (“It’s going to be so easy.“)

He carries Tic Tacs wherever he goes, kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside, mocks the disabled, is on his third wife, and is everything Jesus deplored — but that’s okay, because — well, truthfully, I can’t imagine why it’s okay.  Yet it is, with 82% of self-identified Republicans

Oh.  And did I mention that he knows nothing about the complex issues that confront mankind? 

But plans to solve them by giving huge tax cuts to the uber-wealthy?

If you don’t think that will work, join MoveOn’s Resistance Summer.  Or the DNC’s Resistance Summer.  (Great minds think alike.)  Or find your own way to resist.  We need to fix this.

*Even FOX is beginning to call out the lies.  Watch.  Or the truncated clip.



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