His name was Tom Bridegroom.  For real!  His life and love make for one of the most beautiful movies ever: “Bridegroom.”  Watch it free on Netflix even if you don’t have a Netflix account.  (Why would you not have a NetFlix account?)  As one viewer-reviewer wrote:

I’m a straight male (I would totally hook up with the deaf girl…sorry, she’s hot), and I’m glad I watched this alone, because it really got a few tears out of my eyes. I’m glad I live in the the great and progressive state of California. I’m glad gay marriage is slowly being accepted in other states as well. Great movie, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. 

Meanwhile, I finally came to the end of Season Five of Breaking Bad.  All “free” on Netflix if you don’t count the $7.95 monthly membership — or the 50 hours spent to watch this guilty pleasure.  I am deeply ashamed.  And was at first surprised  by the way the series ended.  But then decided . . . hunh.  Interesting!  A very light touch.  Wow.  Hadn’t expected that kind of ending.  Artistic.

And then Wikipedia (I think it was) explained to me that, yes, the show ran for five seasons, but the final season was broken into two parts — “Season Five,” which I had just completed, and “The Final Season,” which is not yet free on Netflix, though all-but-free here on Amazon Instant Video.

I am now even more deeply ashamed; but China will just have to wait.

Watch “Bridegroom.”



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