So NBIX traded above $4 for a while yesterday but closed at $3.40, up just 67 cents from the prior day’s close. I bought more. If guru is right, this could be a very nice holding.


Holy cow. Point your phone . . . click . . . and Google will tell you everything about what you’re looking at. Or – with facial recognition, potentially – whom you’re looking at. See the demo here. At first I thought it was a spoof, but apparently it’s not.

Read a little about its implications here (thanks, Rex):

. . . We’re at the point where you could snap a person’s face and find out their entire life story: their employment, their friends, what they looked like before they dyed their hair. I don’t know where the societal breaking point for pervasive, omnipresent technology is… but I think we’re getting close.


Friday I linked to a potential cancer breakthrough as an example of the way Ray Kurzweil could prove to be right – that average life expectancy really could begin increasing by more than one year per year. Well, even before the pixels had dried, there was this news of “the first self-replicating species we’ve had on the planet whose parent is a computer” (although if you read to the very end, you see it may not be quite as scary as it sounds) . . . and then this clip of a guy walking around with an artificial heart and a backpack.


Got decaying home videos? Old photo albums? Color slides? There are lots of services that will put them all onto a flash drive for you. This one services the greater New York area. All those color slides my Dad took? And 9 hours of video tape? All now reside on a 16GB flash drive that fits on a keychain.


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