Dick: “Thanks for yesterday’s item from the former Jacksonville mayor. I have sent it on to a friend in Omaha who is gay and whose brother condemns, reviles, and badmouths him constantly, especially on Facebook. The brother is, predictably, a rock-solid Republican, hyper-uptight self-styled Christian (of the kind Jesus would condemn) and absolutely rigid in his conviction that he is right and the Bible says so and that’s all there is to it — and so on and so on with incredible viciousness.  Oddly, the gay brother is a very religious Pentecostal who finds no conflict between his inborn sexuality and his deep-felt Christianity.  The condemning brother is a total Tea-partier Evangelical holier-than-everybody jerk.”

Sounds as though the “straight” brother may have some deep-seated issues.

Abe:  “See Matthew 22: 36-40. ‘On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.’  Jesus kept it simple.  It appears to me he had it right.”


James Musters: “Take some time and go back to school for an hour and a half with this. THORIUM LFTR reactors are probably what will save the environment, the human race and everything.  This subject is worth learning. Don’t let the science scare you. You may have to pause and refresh your drink, or take a class break, but stick with it. This is probably the correct energy solution for the future, but strongly resisted by the current industry. It will take a brave man to go against the existing energy industry and start a real LFTR project. Kennedy launched the Moon Race, maybe Obama can launch the Thorium reactor race.”

I don’t have an hour and a half right now, but a few of you do — and some of you have the technical background to understand it in 10 minutes, not 90.  Would you take a look and let the rest of us know what you think?


Prasanth Manthena: “Any idea if BOREF is working on developing WheelTug for cars?  Something like this seems right up their alley.”

I have to think something like this has occurred to them, if only because they drive cars themselves.  BTW, I sat next to an American Airlines pilot deadheading from Chicago to Miami yesterday. He had heard of WheelTug and liked the idea. The word is spreading. Hang on.




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