This video shows that WheelTug’s CEO will not make it as a stand-up comic but just might make us money.  If I were an airline executive in that audience, I’d want to reserve an early WheelTug delivery slot for my fleet.  So — with all the usual caveats — Borealis, parent of Chorus Motors, parent of WheelTug, remains, in my view, an astonishing lottery ticket.  Heads you lose your money (which is why you can ONLY buy shares with money you can truly afford to lose); tails you make ten, or conceivably 50 or 100, times your money.  Here’s how I justified a $100 share price seven years ago, when the stock was $3.  It even more true today, with the stock at $8 and change.  That makes the entire market cap $40 million.  There are apartments in New York that sell for more.


David N Neal:  “I’d like to say something about gun control.  The fanatics on either side (Brady bunch, NRA) will be drowning out the other conversation, but here goes anyway.  Gun control laws will be of limited help.  Mexico has very strict gun control and massive gun violence.  Guns, per se, are not the real issue.  Historically, the US has always had a large number of gun owners, and only at times is there widespread gun violence.  The Swiss mandate military-style gun ownership in their civilian militia, and do not have significant gun violence. The real problems are the social issues and environment that leads to violence, not the method of the violence.  Long before there were guns, there was murder.  Cain and Abel for instance.  The Romans, among others, slew vast numbers without a single firearm.   Look at network TV any prime time night. Or movies. The good guys all have guns.  The bad guys also.  There’s tons of this stuff.  I myself watch only three shows regularly: Hawaii 5-0, Person of Interest, and Elementary.  Only Elementary is (relatively but not entirely) gun free.  But I think the root problem in America today is the vast income/wealth inequality.  If you look at Richard Wilkinson’s TED talk, you will be struck by how the US has, among the developed countries, far and away the worst record on all of the social problems he mentions.  Is this because of guns?  I doubt it. Given this backdrop, the gun control debate will be just another red herring.”

Tomorrow — really! — Chris Hayes’ book.




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