Last night on HBO — a Time Warner module — I saw the last half of a movie that featured two gorgeous young teenagers as a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. They killed convenience-store managers, police; they could only have really hot sex after a robbery; virtually every scene was either of them robbing, killing or “making love.”

This morning on CNN — another Time Warner module or module-to-be (who can keep up?) — I saw the report of the 17-year-old who went car-shopping for his birthday by going to a parking lot and deciding what kind of car to carjack. The woman in the car had a tape recorder in her purse, which she had the presence of mind to turn on, so we have a complete account of her attempts to dissuade him, and his ultimately murdering her and taking the car.

He could probably have gotten the car without murdering her, but life is cheap.

What are the programmers thinking at HBO? Movies like this should not be banned by law, of course. But neither should executives choose to show them. Or studios choose to finance them.

Maybe instead of a V-chip for TVs we need an IQ-chip for idiot programmers.


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