Read this: the compelling case for issuing longer-term Treasury bonds at today’s low interest rates.


Watch this: edible six-pack rings that feed sea animals rather than killing them, made from the remnants of the brewing process.  (And no: cutting up the plastic rings doesn’t solve the problem.)  I trust Coke and Pepsi are also working on this.


John Seiffer: “I couldn’t stop thinking about two things when I read last Wednesday’s post. First, Universal Basic Income. Second, the correct use of fewer versus less.”

☞ Wednesday’s post was about how we won’t need a lot of folks to provide the world’s basic goods and services — so in theory, we should all have lots more time to relax and enjoy life. But how do we spread the wealth that five thousand generations of striving and sacrifice have put within reach?

Fascinating article on Universal Basic Income here.

And yes!  Fewer, for things you can count — sheep, pencils, beards; less, for stuff you can’t — wool, graphite, facial hair.  (Was it clear I was just quoting someone else for most of Wednesday’s post?  On the website, excerpts are properly indented and shaded. By email delivery, I’m afraid they are hard to distinguish. I haven’t figured out how best to fix that.)



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