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Amid the anger and controversy over shootings and non-indictments, I cling to silver linings.  One is the momentum building for body cams.  As reported here, one town of 100,000 tried a year-long experiment during which complaints against the police dropped by 88% and the use of force, by 60%.  It would seem to me this is awfully good news for both the cops and for the citizens they serve.  If the “only” thing that came out of this year’s turmoil were widespread adoption of body cams that led to similar results nationwide, that would be pretty huge all by itself.

But other reforms are being discussed, especially with regard to drug laws, enforcement, and the criminal justice/prison system generally, so I’d once again urge you to (somehow) find time to watch the recent American Justice Summit — especially so if you are among those more annoyed by the protesters than by what they’re protesting.  (Given disparate life experiences, I know people of good will and good intentions on both sides of that fence.)  There’s a lot there — about five hours worth — much of it compelling, some of it riveting, a little of it boring or annoying . . . but all of it pointing to opportunities to make our society even more just and successful.



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