Start your day with these two minutes.  It’s all Greek to me (well, Turkish) but I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.


And now, in English.  You so totally don’t want to miss this.


I continue to consider it the best lottery ticket I’ve ever seen — although there is presumably some way we could fail to win.  If only because we die of boredom first, waiting.  Here is the schedule of last week’s IATA Airline Cost Conference.  The first presentation, by IATA’s chief economist (IATA is the International Air Transport Association) shows what a dreadful business the airlines are in.  That’s why savings from WheelTug, which require no capital investment by the airline, could give early adopters a profitable edge.  (Eventually, once all the airlines were WheelTug-enabled, those savings would get passed through to passengers via price competition.)  Here are the slides from Mitsubishi’s presentation, “Impact of Technology on Fuel Efficiency: An Aircraft Manufacturer’s Perspective.”   And here are the slides from WheelTug’s presentation, pointing out that the savings go far beyond fuel.

I offer all this simply to remind you that, yes, these are serious people being taken ever more seriously.  E-taxi would seem to be coming.  (Maybe not, but why wouldn’t it???)  And so far, the WheelTug solution — which has been proven to work — has 20 or so airlines representing 985 airplanes signed up to install it once it’s FAA certified and goes into service (which is at least a couple of years off) . . . versus zero airlines signed up with anyone else.  So I’d say we we have a shot.  Current market cap of the grandparent, Borealis: $50 million.  Value someday if it can ever pull this off (and then all the other uses for its technologies): potentially, billions.  I know; I know.  But I like our odds.  If you bought BOREF with money you can truly afford to lose, hold on.  If you’re thinking of buying some now, remember to use a “limit order.”  Even a 1,000-share “market” order can move the price by 10% or more.


*For those who don’t get the reference, this is side five.  Follow in your books and repeat after me as we learn three new words in Turkish.  Iconic — but best reserved for an evening when your medicine has kicked in.



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