Turns out, Hillary did nothing wrong.

Do you think Trump will apologize for leading chants of “lock her up?”

He, who deplores witch-hunts?

He, who is himself subject to the greatest witch-hunt in our country’s history?

He, who is surely not guilty of obstruction of justice, let alone obstruction of Congress?

(He did want our democratic ally under lethal attack by Russian invaders to do him a favor, though.)

From day one — when the media mocked his claims of the largest Inaugural crowd in historyTrump has told us the truth.

Oh, he might exaggerate a little (“unemployment as high as 42%”).  But in addition to being the healthiest man ever to assume the presidency, he may well be the most honest.  He said he would “absolutely” release his tax returns — and he did.  He said all 25 women were lying — and they were.  He said we “wouldn’t believe” the stuff investigators he sent to Hawaii to find out about Obama’s birthplace were finding — and we didn’t.  He said health care would be “so easy” — and got us all “great health care at a tiny fraction of the cost.”  He said it was a perfect phone call — and it was.

Just ask Lindsey Graham.  Just ask Devon Nunes.  Just ask Rush Limbaugh or David Duke or Sean Hannity or Trey Gowdy or Mike Flynn or Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort or Jim Jordan or Vladimir Putin — or this kid.

Sure, they might hedge a little on the specifics . . . or even on the question of Trump’s honesty . . . but he’s their man.

Speaking of honesty, should Moscow Mitch be allowed to swear a false oath before God and country?  Lawrence Lessig makes a powerful argument that he should not.

Honesty once mattered so much to Republicans that they sought to unseat a president for lying to cover up a highly inappropriate (legal, consensual) affair (that had no national security or domestic policy implications).  Now, they seem ready to lie under oath on matters of grave importance, as we have (among so much else) already ceded much of our influence in the Middle East to Vladimir Putin and called into question the integrity of our elections.  And Moscow Mitch will swear to be impartial?

Having previously invented the password hint and the forever stamp — ideas so obvious that, without me, it might have taken weeks for someone else to come up with them — I hereby invent the bold face link.

To wit:

Unless I forget to do it, I will hereafter bold links it would not otherwise be obvious I think you should click.  I.e., to signify that something is not only a likely-interesting substantiation of whatever point is being made or fact being asserted . . . worth clicking if you doubt the point or are curious to know more . . . but, rather, a link that I think, time permitting, you should click.

For example: I didn’t use it for the Inaugural crowd because I figured you’d assume — rightly — it’s just more side-by-side crowd-comparison photos, like the ones you’ve seen before.  I did bold “he has told the truth” because, although you’ll rightly assume it goes to Trump’s 15,000+ lies and misleading statements, it’s not just another article; it’s a resource easily searchable, fascinating, and perhaps worth bookmarking.



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