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My friend Peter Kinzler is seeking seven patriots.  To wit:

On June 1, 1950, Republican Senator Margaret Chase Smith took the floor of the Senate to address what she described as “a serous national condition. It is a national feeling of fear and frustration that could result in national suicide and the end of everything that we Americans hold dear.”

Her concern was Senator Joseph McCarthy’s attacks on American citizens as communists or fascists. Today, we face similar attacks on American citizens and institutions from a reckless president, but where is the Republican response?

With the support of six other Republicans, Senator Smith delivered a “Declaration of Conscience” criticizing the statements and tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy. Among Senator Smith’s indictment were the following points: . . .

As you’ll see if you read the full piece (the bee-yuh will still be hee-yuh), he quotes that declaration; identifies seven current Republican senators of conscience; and goes on to say:

. . . What [these] seven haven’t done is emulate Senator Smith by making it clear—together—that Trump’s actions represent a clear and present danger to our democracy, one that requires that they act on the premise that, “We are Republicans, but we are Americans first.” On the contrary, every one except Corker worked with Trump and voted for tax legislation that was crammed though the Senate without any semblance of normal legislative process.

If they act together, these Republicans can save the nation from Trump’s deepening autocracy. If they do not and American democracy goes down, it will be to their everlasting shame that they knew the danger but lacked the principles and courage to stand up.

December 15, the day the Bill of Rights was adopted 226 years ago, is rapidly approaching.  Wouldn’t it be fine if these seven honored the day by emulating Senator Smith and her six fellow Republicans with an updated Declaration of Conscience?

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