“I picked up your revised investment guide book. I have to say though that I was a little depressed to read again that you believe that one can’t beat the market over the long haul. I hope that you are talking to the average Joe that spends maybe an hour or two per month thinking about this sort of thing rather than someone like me who spends a couple of hours a day on the subject. If not, then I guess my retirement is a lot farther off than I had hoped (I’m 24).” — Greg King

Sorry Greg. If you could beat the market in two hours a day, why wouldn’t the mutual fund managers who spend ALL day on it be able to?



From Ralphe: “This is an anti-rant. Since your article, I have used www.booksamillion.com a number of times with GREAT results. Not only have I saved lots of money, but (almost) every time they have shipped an order, UPS has sent an email with the tracking code. Since I live in a city and have my mail delivered to a commercial mailbox, I never have trouble with delivery. The only problem — booksamillion keeps including these mouse pads with the order.”


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