My recent plea to “be logical and be generous” generated lots of dough (thanks!) but also this from a wealthy friend:

<< No $$$$ until I see if sanity prevails. Trump may be insanity but why waste money if we cannot nominate someone who can win? >>

Tough questions like that are truly appreciated — because there are answers:

1. You’d be investing in registration and turn-out that – even if we didn’t beat Trump — would help us hold the House, win the Senate, and flip state legislative chambers.  That last – the state races – is particularly important as it will determine redistricting for a decade after the 2020 Census . . . and as it could get the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact over the hump, effectively eliminating the Electoral College.  Thereafter, if we won the popular vote, as we generally do, we’d also win the White House.  What a concept.

2. Investing NOW is way more powerful than waiting, because the organizers we’re hiring will have that much more time to roll the “volunteer snowball” downhill.  It’s like planting seeds with plenty of time to take root and grow rather than the exact same dollar value of seeds a month before dinner.  Little snowball seeds; perhaps the ultimate mixed metaphor.

3. ANY nominee that emerges can beat Trump.  Almost no one thought HE could win last time; so it’s kinda defeatist – and self-fulfilling – to think that this time he can’t lose.  We just have to get our folks registered and to the polls, especially in these 7 states.  If we make the investment now, our odds go up.

4. Too much is at stake not to “risk” helping.  We only live once.  This is our moment to step up.

If YOU’RE in a position to be logical and generous, go ahead — make my day.  I’ll see it right away to say thanks.



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