Mom Power — An eight-minute video of Plumpy’Nut that inspires on every level.  Meet the mom of 4 on a mission to end world hunger and malnutrition.  She just decided something had to be done — and look at all the kids she’s saved!

MicroSociety — a school program already in dozens of schools  — and their video.  A game-changer for countless kids.  What a smart idea; what a great story.

And look at this!  The bipartisan infrastructure bill is likely to be signed into law today.  Too small and thirty years overdue, perhaps, but . . . finally!  A very good day.

On the minus side, of course, there is so much to be alarmed about — death threats to Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill, to take one example — domestic terrorism!

And so much that, though less dramatic, endlessly disheartens.

Like this, from the Wall Street Journal:

As of Nov. 5, Mr. Biden had made 78 ambassadorial nominations, seven of which, 9%, had been confirmed by the Senate, according to the White House. At the same point in their first terms, former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump had seen 64 of 83 and 40 of 57 ambassadorial nominees confirmed, or 77% and 70%, respectively.

Do you feel the call to lean on the side of progress, civility, compromise, and democracy?

Which these days is the side of such ideological opposites as Joe Biden and Liz Cheney?

Have a great week.



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