But first: might you want this app, called Jumbo, to increase your privacy?  Or to sanitize some of your social media history now that you’re out looking for a job?  Check it out.

And now . . .

Last year, TED launched what it called The Audacious Project

. . . a new initiative housed at TED to ignite big, bold ideas for tackling the world’s most pressing challenges. The impact so far has been beyond our wildest dreams: from the thousands of people in the US awaiting trials from home instead of jail because of The Bail Project’s growth to the 800,000 smallscale farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa enjoying better harvests thanks to One Acre Fund’s increased capacity, these ideas are making a real, tangible difference in millions of lives.

The Audacious Project is an annual event. And you won’t believe the incredible ideas in store for you this year. Discover these 8 new ideas as they’re revealed live from the TED2019 stage, in a special session of the conference livestreamed to the world.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 16 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT and watch through AudaciousProject.org — or join the conversation on Twitter @TEDTalks. Join us, and be a part of these incredible visions. Let’s change the way we change the world!

I’ll be watching with you.



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