This terrific piece argues “we must organize rather than agonize” . . . that “Nihilism remains the GOP’s ultimate Trump card.”

. . . They are counting on citizens of good faith to give up, to quit the field, to say “who cares?” . . .

Don’t let them sucker you.

Be a fanatical optimist. Make a plan. Take action. Listen to your conscience. Vote.

Ironically, the friend who sent me this — only some of whose German ancestors made it onto Schindler’s listhas made a plan.  Is taking action.  He’s scraping together the final $116,000 in fees needed for Canadian citizenship.*

Needless to say, I think he’s over-reacting.

But then I watched Bill Maher’s lastest New Rules.  (“When a country slides into authoritarian rule, you don’t get a text alert.”)

I still think my friend is over-reacting.  I ain’t leavin’.

But watch Bill Maher and share widely. 

Or if you don’t have five minutes, watch just the last two.

*This leaves him little or nothing, he explains, to help fund the early organizing snowball that — if we all lean in — will wrest power from Trump and McConnell.



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