I occasionally tout Brain HQ, the offering of a private company I have a small interest in. And how — unlike crossword puzzles and such — it really can sharpen older folks’ mental acuity . . . with more than 100 peer-reviewed studies to back up that claim.

Now comes a much bigger study, of such import it’s made the NBC Nightly News and much else.  Here it is in a 4-minute nutshell, courtesy of the “Today Show.”

Yes, it could set you or your grandmama back $14 a month.  But you don’t have to do these exercises forever — the study showed improved results 10 years after stopping the exercises.  And isn’t delaying dementia worth a few bucks a month for a few months?

Anyway (he says, with considerable self-interest): take a look.

Did you see Michelle’s speech? What a First Lady. (What a First Family!) Boy, is she ever worth listening to.

And Bernie? He did exactly what Ted Cruz did not. (Go figure.) He presented a positive vision for America — and whole-heartedly endorsed his primary opponent.

Hillary must win if we are to make progress toward Bernie’s political revolution and the goals he and Hillary share: college affordable to all and lower student-loan costs; a higher minimum wage; serious action on climate change — all of it. (The one place they are both wrong and the President is right, in my view: TPP. Which among other things replaces NAFTA with something stronger on worker and environmental rights. Isn’t that something we want to do?  But I digress.)

So one of our jobs in the 101 days ahead is to learn more about how terrific Hillary is — and debunk some of the myths that, repeated often enough, become common . . . but wrong . . . knowledge.

Which can have tragic consequences.

(No, Al Gore never said he invented the Internet — he championed it in Congress before anyone knew what it was and helped birth it.  Yet the common . . . but wrong . . . knowledge that he did make such a pompous boast helped Bush “win” and gave us the disastrous Iraq war and a right-wing Supreme Court.)

So here, for starters: Five Myths About Hillary’s Iraq War Vote.

Help us win. Click here.



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