Not ALL guns — just new sales of military-grade weapons.

Also: sales of any guns without a background check.

And can we give states, cities, and towns the right impose their own local regulations as they did in the Wild West?

Are you really going to tell me the Wild West was somehow unAmerican?

Today, such local regulations might include — if a city or town so chose — reporting all sales of cop-killing bullets, silencers, bullet-proof vests, and large amounts of ammunition . . . with the right of law enforcement to make polite inquiries and sensible judgements.

Law enforcement: “I see you just bought a bullet proof vest and 1,000 rounds of ammo.  May I ask why?”

Sullen teenager: “I like to hunt rabbits.”

Law enforcement: “I’m sorry.  Local Ordinance 234 gives me authority to confiscate those items, and any other weaponry you have, until you can persuade a judge that your owning them does not pose an undue risk to your fellow citizens.  But you can still apply to join the National Guard, which is our state’s well-regulated militia.”

Most NRA members agree we should have more sensible gun-safety regulations.

To change other minds, it may take seeing their own daughter slaughtered. Or someone else’s daughter.

‘Gun-loving’ ex-US army officer calls for gun control after witnessing Texas mall shooting.

As for book banning, it’s accelerating.

We need a huge blue wave at all levels of government, from school board to Congress and the presidency.

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Help in any amount becomes part of that wave.



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