A tiny idea, and useless unless you use AT&T Wireless. But if you do use AT&T Wireless, you may be as astounded and grateful as I was when I learned this.

You know how frustrating it is to call in for your messages and have to listen all the way through a long, long, LONG one before you can delete it? Someone is going on and on and then you lose your cell connection just before the end, before you can delete it – because you’re in Manhattan, or Washington, say, where a lot of calls get dropped as you round various corners, or even as you stand still – and so you call back in for your messages (one of which you really do need to hear) but before you can get to the one you really do need to hear (the address of the event!) you have to listen to that long, long, LONG one again because you hadn’t gotten to the end to delete it – and again you lose your connection just before the end . . . well, you get the idea.

And the thing is, you hold in your hand technology that is basically magic – you put this rock to your ear and can locate anyone else in the country with a rock and make that rock catch your friend’s ear (a tone that says, in effect, ‘put the rock to your ear!’) and then have a conversation with your friend as if she were standing right there in front of you – and yet no one figured out a way to delete an unwanted message without waiting til the end?


And the answer is, of course there’s an easy way to do this, they just don’t tell you about it (or didn’t tell me, anyway – and I’ve asked).

Well, yesterday they let me in on the secret, which I now pass on to you: 33. Just press 33 and you go instantly to the end of the message, where you can press 7 to delete it. So 337 gets rid of it right away. You save two minutes of blather, you find out where the event is, you walk in just in the nick of time, sit down at the piano, and begin to play.

All because of 337.

Have a good weekend.


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