The Republican plan: further cut taxes for the rich.

Boehner’s awe-inspiring hypocrisy on the debt limit
By Matt Miller

There’s politics-as-usual.

There’s even hypocrisy-as-usual.

But then – at rare moments – there is political behavior that can only be dubbed Super-Duper Hypocrisy So Brazen They Must Really Think We’re Idiots.

Sad to say that’s where the Republicans have taken us on the debt limit. . . .

☞ The Agenda Project’s Erica Payne writes supporters:

[Tuesday] on the Today Show, House Speaker John Boehner told Matt Lauer he was unwilling to do what is necessary to make our country strong again. Even though HE KNOWS that we need every Patriotic American to work together to strengthen our country, Congressman Boehner refused to even consider raising taxes on incomes over $1,000,000 a year. He said it was ‘totally off the table’ – even raising taxes on incomes over A BILLION DOLLARS is ‘totally off the table’.

Doesn’t he know that only 375,000 people out of 307,000,000 make that money every year?

Doesn’t he know that incomes over $1 million a year are taxed less than they have been since the Great Depression?

Some AMAZING Patriotic Millionaires are fighting back. Take a look at a video about the Patriotic Millionaires Campaign for Fiscal Strength.

These amazing Americans are demanding that Cong. Boehner, Senator Reid and President Obama raise their taxes ‘For the fiscal health of our nation and the well-being of our fellow citizens.’


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