At the 1:44 mark, Ashton Kutcher tells teens how to be sexy.  You will want to share this with your teen.  (No: really.)


The Republican Party could hardly be less subtle: they want to make it as difficult as possible for black people and poor people and young people to vote.  Watch.  One little piece of it:  In North Carolina, you now need a state-issued ID to vote — but if it was issued by the state university (because you’re a student) that’s not good enough.  Students vote for Democrats.  [Sarcasm ON] we certainly don’t want students assuming the mantle of citizenship, do we?  And actually, when you think about it[sarcasm OFF], students have the most at stake: the decisions made today will affect them for the next 70 years, whereas those same decisions will affect a 70-year-old voter for maybe another 10 or 20.  So [oh for heaven’s sake, sarcasm back ON], shouldn’t we make it as hard as possible for them to have a say in their own future?

This is America?  This is patriotism?  This is what Abe Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower would have been comfortable doing???  Will you ask your Republican uncle to please take his party back from the current Republican leadership?  And to vote Democrat, or at the very, very least, stay home, until he has?



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