The first thing to say is: Joe won.  Click here for the full details.  Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States.

The second thing to say is an enormous thank you to all who helped make this happen, as so many of you did.

The third thing to say is that Joe really means it: he doesn’t plan to rub it in the face of Trump supporters.  He wants to bring us together, restore civility, and help heal the soul of the nation.

The fourth thing to say is that Lindsey Graham is right: Joe Biden is “as good a man as God ever created.”  Or right up there, anyway.

And the final thing to say, of course, is how profoundly sad and troubling it is that — though more Americans voted blue than red for the seventh time out of the last eight presidential elections — the “blue wave” so many of us had hoped for did not materialize.

Much more to say about that, as we seek to better understand, and better respect and persuade, those on the other side (see #3, above).  But for now . . . well, the work continues.

Hats off to Joe.

Have a great day.



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