The Republicans have offered a plan to weaken our social safety net while slashing taxes on the last few million dollars that you earn (from 35% to 25%) – even lower than Reagan’s top rate.

When Reagan took office, our National Debt had, over 35 years of fiscal discipline, been whittled down from the 121% of GDP it had been following World War II to just 30%.

Largely through reckless tax policy, Reagan and the two Bushes allowed it to ramp back up to 100% of GDP – and soaring – by the time they handed the reins to Obama.

This despite the fact that Clinton put the brakes on the Debt, restored prosperity, and handed Bush 43 “surpluses as far as the eye could see.”

Abandon the poor, squeeze the middle class, oppose the minimum wage, break the unions, bring back child labor, help the rich. If those are your priorities – along with crumbling infrastructure and unrestricted gun-show machine-gun sales – the G.O.P. has your name on it. My jaw drops at your world view, but all the best to you.

My view is that Democrats have a better, more balanced vision . . . and that our President has shown himself to be a heroically steady, thoughtful leader who – against intractable opposition from across the aisle (and no shortage of challenges abroad) – has set the country on a dramatically better course than the one he inherited.

I am unabashedly enthusiastic about his newly-announced candidacy for 2012.

In short . . . I’m in. Are you? Click the link and pass it on.


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