My best guess? Based on nothing more than instinct? INHI, last trade $2.90, will grow, and the warrants we bought on it, giving us the right to buy it for $5 any time up until April 11, 2011, will expire tantalizingly, maddeningly, heart-breakingly worthless.

And then, once they do – and with the dilutive overhang of 34 million warrants suddenly removed – the stock will shoot to $7 in short order, which would have made the warrants worth $2 each (they currently trade under a dime), and I will spend weeks rocking back and forth, doing the “if-only.”

I mention this partly because I like to expect the worst to avoid disappointment; partly because of the double-reverse-feh!feh!-jinx effect (wherein expecting the worst actually makes it a little less likely*); and partly because – while I doubt it will be enough to save us – I was pleased to see this exceptionally good customer satisfaction report. Satisfied customers do not a $7 stock make, especially with the overhang of 34 million warrants.** But they can’t hurt.

Here’s the company’s “story.”

*See the Hogwarts School of Financial Thought and Wizardry.

**All in, that would be a market cap north of $360 million on sales currently under $40 million. Then again, if exercised, the warrants kick in $160 million in cash, so the market cap would really be “only” $200 million or so in excess of that cash. And if sales were to take off, and if the market were in a mood to reward growth – let’s just say I expect the worst but haven’t sold my warrants.


Word Warp

Can chest-thumping pride and red-faced shame coexist? The answer, if you have just gotten a score of 18,650 playing the iPhone’s Word Warp app – burning two hours that could otherwise have gone to some constructive pursuit – is yes. The game is entirely addictive, and hinges largely on realizing two things that are not instantly apparent.


Assuming you already have a Skype account (and why would anyone not?), this free app puts it on your iPhone. Now you can call anywhere in the world for free – if the other party is on Skype – or for almost free if you’re calling a regular phone number. This app is available for other cell phones as well.


Charles loves his Kindle way more than he loves me, but that makes me feel good because I got it for him as a gift. How many gifts do we give that don’t quite hit the mark? So now, with this app, he can access all his Kindle books on his iPhone. Handy when traveling light – T-shirt, wallet, keys, and phone.

As with all iPhone apps, you get these three by touching the “App Store” icon on your main page . . . then touch SEARCH at the bottom of the App Store . . . then touch the entry field at the top of the screen . . . and type, say, KINDLE or SKYPE or WORD WARP.


This one you don’t even have to download; it’s already on your phone. But if you’re as stupid as I am, you may not realize it. From the main screen (I just learned), just swipe your thumb to the right. You get a keyboard and a field with the phrase Search iPhone. Type anything, and almost instantly you’ll see a list of contacts and emails and calendar items and anything else that contains that word. Just touch the one you want. If you suffer from appoplexy (the rage that results from having so many apps on your iPhone you can’t find the one you want), just type the first few letters of its name and – voila.


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