We do seem awfully fickle in what consumes our attention. A multi-year investigation of a $30,000 investment in a backwater land deal? You bet. But I can promise you that by suggesting this link, I am setting myself up for e-screams from those of you who rebut my every criticism of the Republican economic agenda with arguments like . . . ‘Stop whining.’ Or . . . ‘Yeah? What about Marc Rich?‘ Or with other such well-thought-out economic and philosophical lines of reasoning.

The Bush-Enron connection may prove to have been innocent, and I certainly hope it doesn’t require special prosecutors or any of that – I don’t think any of us wants to go through that again.

But there is a huge shift going on in the balance between the ‘Wealthy-and-Powerful,’ on the one hand, and ‘Everyone Else,’ on the other. And to the extent the Enron saga illuminates that, it does bear scrutiny.

(Half way through the Kurtz column he switches from Enron to other matters. You may want to read it all; but it’s that first half, his perspective on Enron, I thought was worth calling to your attention.)

Still coming soon: Oysters


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