James Carville is an unashamed liberal, every bit as passionate about beating Trump as Bernie.  And he will vote for Bernie, for sure, should Bernie be our nominee.  But he thinks Bernie is not our smartest choice to beat Trump.

And beating Trump (and McConnell), as all our terrific candidates forcefully agree, is paramount.

Trumpism, this piece explains, is a cult.

The problem is: cults end badly.  Often, very badly.  Like, very badly.  I mean really really badly!

Remember the shock waves when Khrushchev was revealed to have secretly denounced Stalin’s “cult of personality” to the Politburo?  It took great courage — and Stalin had been dead for three years.

Clearly, though he’s okay separating infants from their mothers and favors torture, Trump is not in the league of those referenced above.  He certainly won’t allow his torch-wielding followers — some of them very fine people — to go too far.  Will he?  He will stand up to them just as he has stood up to M.B.S. for dismembering a Washington Post journalist, and to Putin for hacking, and continuing to hack, our democracy.

He just wants adulation and power and money.

Still, this cult thing is concerning.  Look what it’s done to Lindsey Graham.

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