Thanks to George Fescos for alerting me to the $15 off for first-time visitors to I went to the Grand Opening Specials, bumped my order up over $20 to get the free shipping, and wound up with 2 bottles of Echinacea (boosts your immune system), 3 bottles of Ginkgo Biloba (which I used to call Ginko Balboa, until it improved my memory) and 1 bottle of vitamin E (although I’m told you should really take the 200 IU size, not the 400s offered here) — all for $7.34. Including shipping.

Go and do likewise, with two caveats:

  • First, although navigation of the site was quick and easy until the last step, “finalizing” the order required several tries — maybe because the server was overloaded or just because it’s new and there are some bugs to work out. I logged out, logged back in (it had retained all my info) and finally got it to accept and confirm my order.
  • Second, your taking advantage of this good deal will not get me even a single frequent flier mile. No, for that you need to get your three free items from PlanetRx by clicking here. And today and tomorrow are, I believe, the last two days to do it. Quite a few of you have, but if you saw last night’s Friends re-run, about Ross selling the Girl Scout cookies, you know that there’s always some kid out there who devises some maniac way to sell even more than you did. (Ross sold 511 boxes, then quickly bought 361 more himself when he saw that the little girl next to him had sold 871 — so he could report 872 and beat her — but there was some kid who sold 2000 boxes somehow. So please! Get your free stuff (plus $3.95 shipping)! I won’t bug you about it again! Click here!

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