The President has ended the war in Iraq; eliminated Osama Bin Laden and much of Al-Qaeda’s top tier; and led the world in liberating Libya at the cost of not a single American life. The Palestinians privately want to see Obama reelected, and the Israelis say he’s a steadfast ally. The Libyans, we are told, actually like us. (“Thank you, America!”)

. . . “Without America, we would not be here,” Ismael Taweel, a businessman, told [Nick Kristof] as he stood by Martyrs’ Square with a huge grin on his face. “I hope there will be more relations between Libya and America now,” he added. That’s a common refrain: Libyans are hungry to rejoin the world. . . .

☞ It’s good to have a strong, deliberate Commander in Chief.*


Watch this to learn how we can “change energy use forever by transitioning to an economy powered by efficiency and renewables by 2050.” Amory Lovins’ new book is out: Reinventing Fire.


I held out as long as I could. But we have to get those smug little pigs.

*And, by the way, a magnificent Secretary of State.


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