Uh, oh.

When the water receded after hurricane Milo of 2030, there was a foot of sand covering the famous bow-tie floor in the lobby of the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach. . . .

And it just gets worse from there.  Read it in the Rolling Stone.


I’m not ignoring your good comments on Nick Hanauer’s argument for a $15 minimum wage.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime:


Ken Doran:  “[Building on yesterday’s post], there is another good choice for free online music, on the open Internet with no registration needed: YouTube.  There are thousands of new and old full length albums available, plus almost every individual song you have ever heard of, and thousands of full length concerts and long excerpts.  Copyright owners can police what is available, but apparently most don’t these days.  Some sorting for quality is needed, but still a remarkable resource.”

Peter:  “You may want to add mog.com to the list of music streaming services mentioned. it is similar to Spotify, in that you can select the specific songs you want to listen to, as opposed to the ‘radio-like” services. they also have a free option available.  One of Mog’s claims to fame is that they have the best audio quality of any of the services (320kbs for everything).  Not sure if anyone else has caught up yet.  I’ve been using their paid (ad-free) service without any problem for some time now.”


Here’s the link to the full AirInsight analysis I referenced a few days ago.  It suggests that WheelTug’s competition may not be ready for prime time.  Which could help explain why WT has eleven airlines signed with slot-reservations and H/S, thus far, none.


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