Mark Willcox: ‘You might want to take a look at the add NBC and CBS refused to run, here. Or at the web site of the Church, here.’

☞ I looked at the ad – and tithed to run it elsewhere.

Eric Batson: ‘I am a member of the United Church of Christ and proud to be a liberal Christian. The paragraph attributed to CBS is extremely chilling, because it explicitly states our ad is controversial because it opposes something the Executive Branch of the government advocates. To say you cannot purchase commercial time because your position is at odds with the President’s??? In the UNITED STATES of AMERICA??? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US?’


Dan Albro: ‘After some testing (for which I feel very guilty, thank you very much) using the book, Blinded by the Right, I discovered that you can’t search based on page numbers in all books (e.g., that one), and Amazon has a 50-page or so limit on the amount you can actually look at, so the situation isn’t quite as dire for authors as it might seem. After all, now I’ll have to buy Blinded by the Right to see how the rest of it goes!’


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