Here’s an electric motor that apparently could replace 16 million less efficient ones and cut carbon emissions by 4 million tons annually.

The future is so bright if we just act logically and for the common good!

Which is why (speaking of electric motors but switching gears) I hope a few years from now passengers will no longer have to wait while their aircraft boards only from the front.  Boarding and deplaning from both front and rear doors should cut that time in half — and be possible with WheelTug-enabled aircraft.

Also good: not having to wait for a tug to come back you out from the gate.

Also good: the added capacity airlines and airports will get for “free” if planes spend less time loading, unloading, and backing out.  (Note this extreme example: a single take-off-and-landing slot at Heathrow changing hands for $75 million.)

Joe Keller: “Don’t know if you saw this.”

I had not.  For those of us holding Borealis shares, it’s encouraging.

Inch by inch, as best I can tell, we’re making progress.

Carl S.: “Re Al Gore Then And Now . . .  Wow! How informative / interesting / scary / positive / encouraging / scary / uplifting / supportive / realistic can one guy get?!  May I humbly suggest that you encourage all of your subscribers to submit proof of having viewed this amazing TED talk, or otherwise face a quadrupling of the price of their subscription to your blog?”

☞ Good idea. Although here we work on the honor system; no proof required.  Same with “Where To Invade Next.”



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