He got the most votes.

Roger Stone and others (sentenced to 40 months in jail for his latest assault on democracy) — with a huge unintentional assist from egotist Ralph Nader and a partisan Supreme Court — conspired to put someone else in office . . . a really likeable guy named George W. Bush who gave us the right-leaning Court that would later gut the Voting Rights Act; who gave us an inequality-ballooning tax cut for those who needed it least; and who gave us the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when that same money could have revitalized our infrastructure.

He even gave us a tax break for buying Hummers.

History would have been so different if Al Gore had been president.

But once the Court ruled on his appeal, he put country first and conceded.*

If you missed these 14 minutes on Sunday’s Meet The Press, watch.

As our warming planet lurches toward misery and potential uninhabitability, it’s a message people of every political persuasion should embrace.

*Only one President in history has refused to leave office peacefully.  On the question of whether or not to indict him, there is now a clear answer.



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