Did you know that Anne Frank, whose Diary ultimately became so famous, was denied entry to the U.S.?  Read about that — and this America First cartoon by Dr. Seuss — at Snopes.com.  Both tellingly on point all these years later, as we reject Syrian refugees who’ve already been through extreme vetting.

(Meanwhile, I wonder what little Anne Frank might have had to say about Jews being removed from the Holocaust Remembrance Day statement.  Sean Spicer explains why we’re being ridiculous to criticize this — a child of a Holocaust survivor helped draft it, he tells us. But others think generalizing the tragedy — there were lots of victims, not just Jews — is more in the style of Breitbart and alt-right nationalists.)

And wait!  Before you go . . .

This is pretty amazing.  Notice #4, the decimation of the State Department; #5, Trump’s having already filed for reelection; and #6, the possibility that he now owns 19% of Russian oil giant Rosneft. 

I like to think this is all bogus. Given whom we’re dealing with here, I’m not at all certain that will prove to be the case.



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