John Seiffer: “I use a desk that can raise and lower so I can sit or stand at it. It’s ugly but gets the job done. I usually sit about half the time, but will probably do it less thanks to yesterday’s post.”

☞ Live long and prosper. (Here’s a nice piece by an author who writes standing up and sitting down.)


Imagine your child or spouse or parent were suffering in the hospital, calling out for you hour after hour, and the hospital would not allow you to visit.

It doesn’t happen – but something virtually identical does.

My friend Joanna Grover-Watson last year wrote this account of the Miami teaching hospital that denied visitation between a dying woman and her life partner. President Obama last week ordered an end to this insane, inhumane practice, nationwide. Thank you for voting for him.


The “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” So how is it that when I was 30 and poor-ish, I had room for something like this (“The Black Knight”), and now that I’m 90 and boorish I don’t? This is the problem with grown-up furniture. It crowds out all the good stuff. Which is why God invented Gameworks. (Not to mention their $2.99 fried onion rings. Drowned in what must be nearly $2.99 in free ketchup, they are the best value in town.)

I just felt you needed to know.


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