Yesterday I took only 2 minutes of your time.    (John L.: “As closely as I follow national politics, the clip you posted still stunned me. “)

Today, a 55-minute podcast of Al Franken interviewing long-time Republican campaign manager and Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt.

It’s just so interesting . . . especially when Al asks “what took you so long” to switch teams.

Schmidt gives a very real and human answer.

Al is a self-acknowledged slow talker — kind of unusual for a fast thinker.

One great thing about podcasts (and audiobooks): you can listen at 1.25X or 1.5X speed.

But with Al, Giant of the Senate, I generally don’t.  I usually find myself savoring the whole thing, just as delivered.

This one was actually from the summer, but I had missed it the first time around.

Have you voted?



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