There’s so much I want to write about — Uri’s reaction to Monday’s post, your reactions to Tuesday’s guest post by ChatGPT — but today . . .

. . . start with this, the most important film Arnold Schwarzenegger ever made.  Seven minutes.

You’ve probably already seen it — I had — but it’s worth watching again.

And then treat yourself to this profile in the Atlantic.

. . . Schwarzenegger was born two years after World War II ended and grew up, as he put it, “in the ruins of a country that suffered the loss of its democracy.” His father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, was a police chief in Graz, Austria, and fought for the Nazis. Schwarzenegger has spoken more freely of late about his father’s activities and his own attempts to reconcile with them. History need not repeat—that has been his essential theme. Hatred and prejudice are not inevitable features of humanity. “You don’t have to be stuck in that,” he told me. Humans “have the capacity to change.” . . .

Have a great weekend!




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