Even listening to it at double-speed, Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography ate up my whole day — and I’m barely up to 1985.  It’s so interesting!  Not least because I’m listening to it on a Jobs-inspired iPhone 5 as I walk to and from the Jobs-inspired Apple store to swap it out for one that won’t reset itself every ten minutes or so.

(Only to find that the swapped-out phone does this, too, so it must be a software problem.)

I bought some AAPL at $512 the other day, down from $700 — but sold it yesterday at $522 because I’m wondering why I’ve had so many problems with my (otherwise miraculous) iPhone 5.  Okay, iPhones 5 — plural — one AT&T, one Verizon — my excuse being that, hey, look, I don’t own a car and my Swatch cost $50, so sue me: I own two iPhones.

So no column today.  But I reorganized one of my closets and got 143 points with CHALKIER, playing off the K my words-with-friend had put down, and getting a triple double-word score and using all letters.

And I decided that most of us can use basically just half what we use today — half the size toothpaste dab, half the amount of shaving cream (if any at all — it’s not a law, you know: a disposable razor cuts most stubble just fine without shaving cream, if done right out of the shower) — half as much detergent, half as many potato chips (again if any at all), half as many blog entries.  If this works for you, you’ve just cut the cost of such items in half.  And are living lighter on the land, for which Mother Nature thanks you.

So: no column again today.



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