If you were smart enough not to buy CNF when first suggested, the good news is that you didn’t; and that it’s now 50% off.  I keep buying more.

Someone else’s press release about WheelTug.  Test Drive approaches!

I’ll get to adultery — I promise — but first:

Remember how much better things were under Obama/Biden?  Take a minute to see how Republicans say things are under Trump.

Said differently:

Join the fight to save the country.

It’s barely a two-month deployment.

You don’t even have to leave your couch.

So many of your friends are looking for ways to channel their angst into action — send them that link.

(If they’re affluent: this one, too.)


Conservative David Brooks: Trump and the Politics of ‘Mean World’.

An antidote to meanness?  Humor.  Like this ad from the rancher looking to unseat Louie Gohmert.  I couldn’t help myself: I chipped in.

And now, finally: adultery.

Watch Mike Pence.

(And if you’ve never heard the famous Nichols & May adultery sketch, it’s time to have your hat reblocked.)



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