And no, I don’t mean tonight’s premier of the reconstituted “Will and Grace”, though there’s that, too.

I mean Rachel Maddow’s first segment from last night, that begins with Russia (presumably) blowing up Ukraine’s arsenals — so their army will have no ammunition — and then tells you more about their cyber attack on our election — and lots of other elections — and our society — and even a small town in Idaho — than any of us would ever have imagined.  (The Idaho part comes in the following segment.)  Headlined, “Expansionist Russia promotes division everywhere else,” it must have Ronald Reagan spinning in his grave.  If you are any kind of red-blooded American, you simply have to watch to see how the Russians are attacking — and beating — us.  And pass the link on to everyone you know, in every way you know how.

Revlon, suggested here in May at $20, has suddenly jumped to $27.50 as I type this, and a couple of you have wondered why.  I, of course, don’t know.  But presumably it’s on news that its largest shareholder, Ron Perlman, has been adding to his stake, most recently buying 106,784 shares at an average price of $20.56.



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