Steve Golder: ‘Old folks I talk to say that never in their lifetime have they seen such a concentrated dose of venality and embrace of greed for the wealthy as with Bush2.’

Jim Reed: ‘Yesterday I was listening to ABBA and heard what should be the theme song for the Bush administration:

Money, money, money —
(it’s) always sunny
in a rich man’s world

Liz Langley (from her column at ‘I’m starting my own political afterparty. That’s a political party that doesn’t exist until after someone gets nominated. It has a single issue: unity. My party is called ABBA: Anyone But Bush Again. ABBA is an SOS to those who didn’t want George W. Bush the first time, which was most of us, and those who don’t want an encore. It has no Democratic disorganization: the focus of ABBA is sharp enough to shave a pig. All you have to do is one thing: vote for the one guy running against Bush who has a shot of winning. One guy. Case closed.’ (‘I’m all for your right to express yourself,’ Langley chides Nader types, ‘but for chrissakes, make a quilt.’)


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