Oh, gosh.  Just what you wanted for an August weekend.  Why not just a hurricane or something?

But man up: here is the trailer for a world in disarray.

Scarier still, the trailer for cyber warfare that could wreak havoc with your life — no electricity! no water! — without a single missile launched, or single terrorist within five thousand miles.

Both are 30-minute episodes of HBO’s Vice.  (Free trial if not already a subscriber.)

And here is an analysis of Trump’s North Korea missteps.  What a nightmare.

My take-away from all this?

Vote for competence and cooperation.

(And for modernized, secure infrastructure — which will require paying taxes, not cutting them.)

In the meantime, savor every minute.

We have electricity . . . as only six of the previous ten thousand generations have had.

We have hot water!

Have a great weekend.



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