Georgia’s Republicans are poised to squelch the prosecution of Trump for his effort to find “just 11,780 votes.”

They’ve decided they can’t trust a jury to decide the case; they need to be able to fire the prosecutor and shut it all down.


As the host says — and I know some of you don’t like her, but you should listen anyway because our democracy is at stake — “this is a whole new thing for us as a country.”

I’ve taken a gamble on UNIT.

At $4.70, with a 60-cent dividend, it yields 12%.

Check it out if you have a high tolerance for risk.

If interest rates stay high for three or four years, I will lose all my money (less dividends I may have received along the way).  If interest rates moderate after a year or two, I could earn that yield for a long time and enjoy a capital gain when I sold.

I can afford to lose that $4.70.

None of us can afford to lose our democracy.

The world cannot afford for us to lose our democracy.


(And if you can, help.)



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